Are Blogs And Twitter Useful?

I ask myself everyday is blog and twitter useful for me? My answer would yes, because if you a blogs and have lots of emontions inside your body and want lots of people to see you can always blog feeling and show most of your skills in like poetry and good story teller blog is good. Now for twitter it xan be useful for more like if you need to find out something quick that happened on the news and you followed one of the new brands then you can just click on that news brand and find out what happened before it gets to the news. Lots of people are scared of twitter and blogs but its not as bad as they say. you just have to know what you writing and what you going to say.

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Twitter Chat

Twitter chat is a good thing to a have a chat and have a good conversation between friends.  It is easier on the phone than typing on the computer.  The bad thing about it is that everyone can see what youare talkingabout.

 It is important to think about the things that you say because the information stays on there.  I like being able to follow famous people and seeing what they are tweeting about.

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Nature is what life is made up of. When you step outside all you can hear and smell is the nature. Things that come from the ground would be called nature. Most people do not know about the real true meanig of nature. The The real true meaning would be nature is made from god and from other people that was made before my time.

The bad things about nature is the weather. The weather would be the wrost thing that can happen to nature. As thought you sit outside and and wonder how nature work, its really not hard to think about.

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I once heard from a movie life is like a box of chocolate you will never know what your going to get. What I think that means to me is that when your if going good something will be pulled out of it maybe its bad or good. my mom told me the true meaning is life is going to be hard bbut you have to know whats going to happen to your life in long run. ]

Life can be a good and a bad things because most people in your life can mess it up and some can help your life. My life by so far is on a road where no one can find it because its on a wrong path. In order for me to get it on the right path i have to change things around in my life.

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More About Me

More things about me is that I love to play backetball and watch basketball game. I love to play with my god son on the weekends that i have him. I usually love to go to work when im every energied. I love to make money if i have to work over time. I stay with my mom for right now until i can find my own place. I have one older brother and no sisters. My brother have one son which is my only nephew.

 I plan own attending college at CPCC and ITT Tech the reason i really want to attend there is because i can learn more about computers and hands-on trhings fast at ITT Tech. I plan on majoring in computer engineering and computer tech. I love to work on computer. Later on in life i plan to own my busniess somewhere in uptown.

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My Goals for After Graduation

I plan to attend college CPCC or ITT Tech.  I plan on majoring in Computer Engineering, or Computer Technology.  I plan to start my own computer repair company.  I plan to locate my business uptown.

I would like to own a BMW after graduating from college.  I want to have a job that pays a high salary so that I can have good choices in my life. The job have to be nice and with nice people.

After I start my business I plan on welcoming anyone that wants to have a good job. If both of my businesses become very successful in the long run then I will create a scholarship for seniors that will be graduating from  West Meck.  It will be for student athletes that have a disability.

Me and My Bike

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